Full list of publications

Research report:
Development of an aquaponics pilot production linked to short food supply chains (2023, French)
Market survey:
Target fish species for aquaponic production in Wallonia: tilapia and pike-perch (2023, French)
Market survey:
Target crops for aquaponic production in Wallonia (2023, French)
Scientific article:
Eco-designing Aquaponics: a case study of an experimental production system in Belgium (2018)
Life cycle assessment of an indoor pilot aquaponics production facility in Belgium (2017)
General article:
Fish farming to support wild stock restocking (2017, French)
Nase breeding (2016, French)
Barbel breeding (2016, French)
Reasearch report:
Condition and genetic structure of nase (Chondrostoma nasus) and barbel (Barbus barbus) populations in South Belgium. Toward a rational management of conservation restocking through the control of production techniques and know-how diffusion (2015, French)