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2012-2015. Condition and genetic structure of nase and barbel populations in South Belgium. Toward a rational management of conservation restocking through the control of production techniques and know-how diffusion (convention SPW DGO3 – FEP32-1109-005).Read more...

Nase (Chondrostoma nasus) and common barbel (Barbus barbus) are two rheophilic cyprinid fish naturally present in South Belgian rivers. During the last decades, the construction of dams together with changes in hydrological regimes, modifications of riverbed morphology and water pollution caused some local dramatic declines in their populations. However, recent improvements in terms of water quality and habitat fragmentation allow now to implement a rational restocking plan of locally endangered patrimonial fish species such as nase and common barbel.

To reach this goal, this project (co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund and the Wallonia Public Service) proposed to develop five complementary parts with specific objectives:

  • Review of the knowledge on nase and barbel geographical distribution and stock health in Wallonia.
  • Characterization of genetic structure and diversity of South Belgium populations.
  • Development of fish production techniques.
  • Adaptation assessment of farmed fingerlings to natural conditions.
  • Know-how diffusion toward fish farmers.

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