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2020-2022. PERCIPONIE: Development of Percid culture in aquaponics (Interreg GR 073-4-08-191). Read more...

The PERCIPONIE programme aims to create a cross-border cooperation network for research, development and innovation in aquaponics, on the scale of the Greater Region. PERCIPONIE brings together 11 partners from Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg (4 operational partners and 7 methodological partners).

Aquaponics is a new form of agriculture in urban and suburban environments (short food chain supply) combining hydroponic vegetable production and recirculating fish production. PERCIPONIE focuses on the production of pike-perch, a local species that is highly prized by consumers.

The programme promotes the development of a new, more sustainable form of agriculture, based on agro-ecological principles (such as the recovery of fish farming waste) that takes into account the well-being of the fish while guaranteeing the production of healthy food (zero pesticides).

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