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2021-2022. AQUAPRO: Development of an integrated pilot system for sustainable fish and vegetable production targeting women and youths in Burkina Faso (Wallonie-Bruxelles International). Read more...

In Burkina Faso, animal and vegetable protein needs are not being met, partly because of the limited local production of fish and quality vegetables in a country where water resources are relatively scarce. In that context, the integrated production of fish and vegetables (aquaponics) in water-efficient and low-polluting systems is one opportunity to diversify food production.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a pilot system for the integrated production of fish (tilapia, African catfish) and vegetables (RAS and hydroponics) adapted to the local climatic and socio-economic context in Burkina Faso.

This pilot facility, which is the result of bringing together the complementary skills of partners in the South (UR ABAQ – Université Nazi Boni, Bobo-Dioulasso) and North (CEFRA – Uliège, CERER-Pisciculture), will serve as a model for scaling up other systems with a view to local economic development and food security.

Technically, this plant-fish integration project targets the optimisation of production parameters (water use and recycling, energy savings, reduction of environmental impacts by using effluents to fertilise adjacent crops) under specific local conditions, with fish and plant species that meet local demand. On a socio-economic level, it will promote training and support to animal and plant production for the most vulnerable groups (women and youths), as well as training technicians and local producers to the use of this production system in a perspective of sustainable development.



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